The Sichow Vineyard and Winery

There exists in the vine an attractive strength in the rhythm of fruiting, and in the wine the promise of joy from its multiplication. The story of vineyards and wine in the Sandomierz Lands is yet to be written. Reborn vineyards and the trail through them testify to the return of a tradition that certainly reaches back to the 16th century. That the vine was cultivated is confirmed by place names along the Vistula as for example the vineyard near Połaniec.

The trial vineyard just after planting in October 2013

From there it’s close to Sichów, which though it doesn’t lie by the Vistula, is in a glacial valley of the Vistula, evidenced by the escarpment below which is a gley land that might have contained the Vistula or one of its branches some thousands of years ago. Can a vineyard grow and flourish on such a land? What sort of wine will there be? Can Sichow wine compare favourably with existing wine producers in the region or in Lower Silesia, not to mention from the Rhineland or northern Italy?

The first harvests for the trial fermentation were in 2015, but only in 2016 did the vineyard produce a bountiful crop of grapes. In 2016 under the direction of the Department of Wine-Making of the Institut national d’études supérieures agronomiques de Montpellier, directed by a group of experts led by Prof Alain Carbonneau and assisted by Dr Philippe Abbal, we conducted a complete wine production using the method of carbonated maceration. Tests completed both in Poland in the Institute of Industrial Food Agricultural Biotechnology in Warsaw and also in SupAgro Montepellier confirmed a considerable potential for the Sichów wine.

From 2017 we plan the first wine sale, and from 2018 the development of the vineyard, for mainly white wines. In addition to planting new grafts, there will be the rebuilding of the palace wing and the cellars dedicated to wine production and the winery.


Grapes in the Sichów vineyard three weeks before harvesting in October 2016.


The hand press, 2016 harvest


Wine Cellars – Sichów Palace


First Sichów Wine: DUNIN-WĄSOWICZ 2015 (fot. Iwo Książek)